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From Sleepless Nights to CalmAlma

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Hello there restless friends,

There's nothing like laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, counting those proverbial sheep, all while anxiety over uncompleted tasks from work and looming life concerns gnaw at your mind. That's been me—more times than I care to admit.

Over the years, the hustle of work and life took a toll. Sleepless nights became all too familiar. The challenge wasn't just about finding sleep, but finding rest from the relentless hum of stress. Every evening, I'd carry the weight of the day to bed, only to watch the digital clock tick into the wee hours of the morning.

When I shared this with others, the clearer it became: I wasn't alone.

Our modern world seems to have engineered the perfect storm for sleep deprivation. The narratives from my friends and family were familiar—stories of tossing and turning, of chasing after sleep, of finding reprieve in podcasts or white noise apps, only to be nudged awake by the ever-present anxieties of modern life alongside how these apps (even the well known Calm and Headspace) or YouTube videos became repetitive and less useful over time.

Folks everywhere are looking for that elusive remedy—from cutting out blue light, to late-night exercise, to drowning out noise with white noise machines or soothing podcasts. The universality of this challenge was a little comforting, but it was clear there wasn't a single solution. Finding that perfect sleep cocktail seems to remain an uphill battle.

During my quest for sleep, I stumbled upon several techniques that worked for me. Some traditional, some experimental, but all with a common thread—they did help. By combining these adjustments to my life, they helped me find peace and, eventually, sleep, even in the midst of life's chaos.

Parallel to my journey, the world was witnessing breakthroughs in "generative AI"—artificial intelligence that crafts content, learns from interactions, and refines itself. An idea clicked. What if we used AI to create a solution tailored for each individual, taking into account their unique struggles and strengths?

Enter CalmAlma (you can read more about the app here)—an application born out of personal strife and cutting-edge technology. It's designed to customize relaxing meditations and sleep stories just for you. While there's no one-size-fits-all answer to better sleep, CalmAlma hopes to provide a tailored approach to help as many people find rest. CalmAlma adapts to you over time based on your usage. We're building this alongside a community of fellow travelers looking for and prioritizing better rest.

If this experience resonates, I invite you to experience CalmAlma. We're currently in our beta phase and would be honored if you joined us. Dive in at and let's navigate the night together, finding the rest we deserve.



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