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The search for rest

Get early access to better sleep

Help us shape the app you find essential for your sleep. 

We care about good sleep.

We believe that a calm mind is the key to great sleep and a balanced life. And, we know how hard it is to go from chaos to calm at the end of a long day. We know because we've been there. And, that's why we've created something special to help you break free from the daily grind and effortlessly slip into a restful night's sleep.

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We believe in technology.

Our creation is a combination of modern advancements in machine learning, tested and validated anecdotal narrative techniques, and the essence of timeless meditation practices. The heart of CalmAlma lies in its ability to learn and adapt. With every interaction, our apps become more attuned to your unique sleep rhythm, carefully crafting auditory experiences that promote a deeper, more restful sleep over time.


Together, we're not just dreaming of better sleep. We're making it a reality.

We're embracing a new way.

Drawing inspiration from long-proven meditation traditions, recent scientific insights, and the shared experiences of a vibrant community of once restless sleepers, we're on a mission to move past sleepless nights towards blissful calm.

Our passion for rest guides every part of CalmAlma, from the gentle whispers to the soothing stories to the tranquil art. We are more than just developers. We built this for ourselves. We are companions on your journey towards serene slumbers. 

I have a hard time turning my mind off, especially after a busy day. CalmAlma helps bridge the gap between active thinking and peaceful rest. 

Mat, CalmAlma Co-Founder

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