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Better sleep,
your way.

Guide your mind towards restorative rest with the new CalmAlma app. Through personalized stories and meditations, it helps calm your thoughts so you can find faster, deeper sleep. 


CalmAlma: calm for the soul

At CalmAlma, we embrace the night and its potential for restorative rest—a sanctuary for your mind after a long day. Our name encapsulates our mission: to bring calm to your soul (‘alma’ in Spanish) and escort you gently into the realm of dreams. 


The CalmAlma app is designed to curate personalized sleep meditations and engaging, tranquil podcast-like episodes that act as a soothing distraction for restless minds. We know the whirlpool of thoughts that often hinders a peaceful slumber (we've experienced them ourselves), and we knew there had to be a better way. 


By combining timeless meditation practices, machine learning, the latest proven techniques, and cutting-edge technology, we crafted an app that gently pulls your focus away from the daily grind and guides you into a restful sleep.

We've recently launched CalmAlma! The Beta is now closed. Thank you to all of our Beta users who helped make CalmAlma fantastic!

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The CalmAlma Approach

Stories and meditations made just for you

CalmAlma is designed to curate personalized sleep meditations and engaging, tranquil, podcast-like episodes that distract and slow anxious minds. You choose the topics and styles that interest you and CalmAlma creates a unique sleep journey curated specially for you.

An app that learns while you sleep

The heart of CalmAlma lies in its ability to learn and adapt. With every interaction, our apps become more attuned to your unique sleep rhythm, carefully crafting auditory experiences that promote a deeper, more restful sleep over time. This is not just a technological endeavor but a journey to discover the profound impact of restful sleep on the human psyche and well-being.

Art that transports your mind

There is a growing body of research that suggests viewing artwork has a calming effect and reduces overall stress. With that in mind, we pair each stories with art and visuals that captures the aura of relaxation and enables your senses to work together to transport your mind to a space of rest.

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